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Experience Bouwkunde - Building for Bouwkunde - SuperNova Studios
Artist Impression of the new building on the original location

Poldersuburbia - droom.NH

Stedelijke waterblokken - droom.NH

Experience Bouwkunde

Concept voor het Nieuwe Bouwkunde Gebouw.

Locatie Delft, Netherlands
Jaar:  2008
Status: Prijsvraaginzending Building for Bouwkunde
Uitschrijver: Technische Universiteit Delft
Team: Jelk Kruk
Visualisatie: Bo Thomsen
Website: buildingforbouwkunde.nl
Tentoonstelling: NAi, Rotterdam

the faculty houses a community, the bouwkunde community. it functions as a little town where the different fields of expertise can easily be identified and interact with each other.

as a living museum of past and future, the faculty houses a wide range of spatial concepts, materials and construction schemes that can be studied, explained and experienced.

the building is an ever changing
manifestation of the fields of expertise that are being accommodated, studied and developed, just as it reflects themes that are relevant for the current and future eras.

it explores and displays the history and future of knowledge and design. to accommodate future change, the building is not designed as a monument. the lay-out sets conditions for diversity and facilitates change and expansion

the core of the building is the faculty lung, the green living heart of the BK-town. this functions as a pleasant, natural and sensible social center. further, it provides clean air and as a mega- conservatory it lowers the energy demand by using solar heat.

relevant sustainable means are integrated in the design. it includes measures to minimize energy use, energy production and storage of warmth, installations by optimizing natural lighting & ventilation.

the building will be read as a reference building to all visitors. it incudes students, teachers, employees but also others in search of spatial concepts, material samples or sustainable alternatives.

‘Yes we can!’